Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Running doesn’t help lose weight!

Since ages we have been listening that running and jogging helps losing weight. Surprisingly Greg Brookes, a London-based personal trainer has come up with a scientific reason to prove that Running might not be the ideal form of exercise, especially if you want to lose weight. He says: "Lots of people start running to lose weight and it doesn't always work - and this is why."

"Fat is one of our body's favorite sources of energy," says Brookes. "The more you run, the more your body prepares itself for your next run. You will actually start to hold on to more fat," the Daily Mail quoted him as saying.

"The more time you spend running, the better you become at running and the more efficient you get the less energy you use and the fewer calories you burn," says Brookes.
According to him, running is also bad for joints. "When you run, two-and-a-half times your bodyweight is transmitted through your joints."

"If that force is repeated over and over, eventually your weakest joint will give out. Usually the ankles or the knees are the first to go," he adds. Contrary to popular belief that any exercise will speed up your metabolism, running can, says Brookes, do the opposite.
What do you think about this new study? Please share your views.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Single Mother

When we say ‘Family', what does the word project to us? A father, mother and may be 2 to 3 kids where both the parents shoulder the responsibility of bringing up their children by giving them the best.

Being a parent is difficult but being a single mother can even be more challenging.As a matter of fact, it is preferable to raise a child with two loving parents but sometimes due to situations and due to their own choice women decides to raise their children without an assistance of a man.

If you are a single mother with back up of financial support and other family members to take care of you and your children, you are fortunate. But if your family includes only you and your children then no doubt you are ought to face life's challenges.

We are proud to assist you with few tips which will make your struggle a little simpler:

• Financially strong: A mother needs to be financially independent to take care of her children. It becomes mandatory for a single mother to be working if she has no other means of livelihood. However, in case of a divorce, an extending help can be asked from an ex-husband through lawyer.

• Work Timings: A single mother should always look for a 9 to 5 job with weekends off, which gives enough time to spend with her children. Most of the employers understand the responsibilities and are willing to facilitate with a little flexibility in such cases.

• Helper: Try to keep a helper to manage your household work. This will let you spend your evenings with your kids playing and looking after their school work.

• Day Care: Most of the working couples are dependent on the day care for their children. If the kids are too young, day care would be a good option. However, for older kids, who can take care of themselves, you can leave them with a house keeper at home. Most of the mothers prefer to install cameras at home to keep a watch from an office.

Awareness of Laws: There are many govt. aids and non profit organisations that stand for help for a single mother. Be aware of the rules and regulations so that you can avail the benefits when you need.

• Prepare your child: Do not hide anything from your child. There is a way to make your child understand the situations, regardless of his age. Tell him about his father and prepare him to face the questions that he will often be asked by his friends.

• No bad words: If you have got divorce from your husband, don't start turning your kids against their father. If things didn't work out between the two of you, it doesn't mean that your ex-husband cannot be a good father to your children.

• Male child: It is comparatively easy to take care of a girl child for a single mother. If your child is a boy then you have to work little harder till he is young. Male child needs guidance and support of a male role model. If you are single mother with no man in your life, ask a trustworthy friend or relative to spend time with him. At your level, start taking interest in all that he likes. Watch out for cartoons which are his favourite. Update yourself about the sports, the players' names, new gadgets etc.

• No sympathy: If you have taken such a courageous decision, then there is no place for any sympathy in your life. Never cry in front of your child, neither make them realize that they are unfortunate as compared to other children. Make them bold enough to accept the fact and tell them how you can still live happily with God's grace and Blessings.

• Spend Time: Look out for enjoyments and plan surprises for your child. Spend maximum time with him during the weekends. Behave like a friend with him. Discuss all what happened in office. Tell him about your friends, boss and make him take an interest in your life. Ask him about his day in school and remember the names of his friends.

Your children are part of your life, not your responsibility. Take strength from them to go ahead in life and see how they make things simpler for you!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010